14th Annual Boss Hog BBQ kicks off

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(WJBF) – One of the most significant events happening in our area this weekend is the “Boss Hog Cook-Off.”

NewsChannel 6 crew, Devin Johnson and George Myers spent their day talking to people who were at the event, as well as smelling all of the good food.

Friday was family-day, but the competition begins on Saturday morning. 

The city of Waynesboro is kicking off summer with the biggest bar-b-que in the River Region.

This is the14th annual Boss Hog BBQ Cook-Off. More than 30 teams came to show off their ribs, chicken, and pork.

“It brings in people from all over the southeast,” said co-coordinator, Lindsey Beazley-Keller. “As far up as Wisconsin, we even have a team from Kansas this year. So it brings in a ton of people.”

Beazley Keller says Boss Hog is an event for parents to bring their kids for fun outdoor activities. Also, the cook-off has something new.

“It’s the first time in the history of Boss Hog that we are having to we are having to entertainers Friday night, and they are both pretty big deals,” said Beazley Keller.

One person told Devin she always has Boss Hog circled on her calendar.

“I enjoy coming to Boss Hog I have been doing it for several years now,” said Carolyn Elmore. “Maybe 10, as long as they had it I’ve been here.”

Her favorite part?

“Eating them free wings,” said Elmore. 

Devin got a chance to see what all the hype was about.  

“I already had one guy try our chicken wings,” explained Southern Brew’D Robert Sneeder. “He said I’ll be back to try your BBQ if it’s that good as these wings, it’s got to be good.”

Team Southern Brew’D is competing in its fourth Boss Hog. The team is hoping to take home the bragging rights as bbq champions.

“We’re always kind of tweaking because we don’t do a whole lot of them,” said Sneeder. “We try different things every year. I can’t give all of my secrets out.”

Gates open up at 10 in the morning and the fun last to about four o’ clock. The people’s choice tasting and voting ends at 1:30.

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