AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – SoClays Haven of Beauty on Tubman Home Road in Augusta is a small structure with a big mission.

Just like it’s owner Sonya Clay.

She explains, “I’ve always wanted to do hair as a little girl. But, I was kind of discouraged. I think I did a day where in elementary school you have a day when you tell what profession you want to do. So, I talk to my cousin who is a hair stylist, and she just got started, she kinda just said you might want to do something else. So, I didn’t pursue it until actually 2007.”

That’s when she enrolled at Augusta Tech.

Although there was a delay in the journey her dream was not denied.

Since completing school and going into business.. Sonya Clay says the learning hasn’t ended.

“I’ve learned a lot. I’m growing. I’m thankful for the people I work with, my co-workers, I learn a lot from them. I say iron sharpens iron what they do sharpens me. So, I’ve learned a lot.”

She says this is more than a job.

“I try to build a relationship with my customers. They’re not just people that pay me money. It’s a relationship and I’m here to serve. It’s a ministry for me.”

A ministry that goes beyond the hair and touches the soul.

“It’s called haven. So, when clients come in they can rest. It’s not about hustle and bustle and trying to get them in and get them out. It’s a place for them to come in and get rest.”

This wife, mother of six, first lady of a church and business owner says it’s the small things, like how she treats people, that make a big difference.

That’s why she’s one of our Women to Watch.

“Treat people right, show them respect, and it’s more than just money. The money aspect is good. But, I’m here to serve,” she concludes.