AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – An old building on Gordon Highway has new life.. thanks to an entrepreneur who knows how to make something out of nothing.

“The first thing that we made something out nothing was my husband’s dream which is his trucking company LGM Logistics. He was a little hesitant and I pushed him and pushed and he’s pretty much where he wants to be now so when my Mom died he figured I needed something to keep me busy, to occupy my time and my mind. So, he said it was time for him to support me,” she explains.

That support steered Marcella Rahney to opening the GLAMM Deli where the midwest meets the south in a myriad of meals.

“When I moved here to Augusta and I realized they had no cornbeef sandwiches here, no corn beef delis, no coney islands or anything like that. So, I told my husband and my mom that if the Lord ever bless me I’m going to bring Detroit Coney’s and corn beef here.”

Decked out in signs from her beloved hometown of Detroit, Michigan, the GLAMM Deli takes patrons’ taste buds miles away without leaving the CSRA.

“Basically what comes from Michigan is our cornbeef sandwiches. If anybody is familiar with Detroit or New York they are used to the piled high corn beef sandwiches sliced very, very thin on either the onion roll or rye bread. Everybody knows if it doesn’t snap it’s not a coney. So, we have our coney dogs which are beef and we have regular pork coney dogs and we have the national coney island chilli. We have signature egg rolls which is Philly steak and cheese is one of our top sellers. We can’t keep that one in. So, to kind of touch on Georgia we added a little peachy peach peach cobbler egg roll in there.”

It all started when her passion for food turned into a purpose after local restaurants shut down during the pandemic.

“Believe it or not we started out in our home selling cornbeef sandwiches, meeting people at drop off locations with our egg rolls and our sandwiches and they did so well that we kind of outgrew the house in a matter of like a month.”

Now, she’s in a building and helping grow the economy as well as interest in south Augusta.

“People will say ‘oh, the service is so terrible in south Augusta, there’s no where good to go in the south Augusta area.’ So, I try to tell people there’s a lot of great small owned businesses here in south Augusta. People just don’t know about them.”

Her goal is to not only feed people but also their own desire to grow.

“Believe in yourself. Never say what you can’t do. Because when you put it in the atmosphere you’ve already put it in your mind that you can’t do it. But, if you put it in your mind that you can, you will.”

That’s why Marcella Rahney is one of our Women To Watch.

Visit the GLAMM Deli at 1646 Gordon Highway in Augusta, Georgia.