AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – A local 12-year-old is getting recognition for a sweet business idea.

Starting a business can be a challenge especially when you’re new to entrepreneurship.

But a local young lady has taken on the challenge.

She isn’t old enough to drive but she has steered her product into the hearts and stomachs of people across the CSRA.

At 12 years old, most pre-teens are practicing and scoring in sports.

Armed with waves and a big smile, Madi Graham is running plays in business.

“You have tax expenses, business licenses, since we’re a franchise we have to give half of the money to the home company. You have to buy your own popsicle supplies as well as dry ice,” explains Madi.

In a matter of months, this seventh grader has become the queen of tasty treats as a franchise owner for “King of Pops” popsicles.

“It’s my favorite ice cream company and I’ve been wanting a lemonade stand since forever. So, my Mom asked me if we wanted to do the neighborhood partners thing which was like an online ad, um, I said yeah!”

Her passion for the pops started early.

“I’ve been eating one of their popsicles since I was three. It’s only been that same popsicle for about 10 years.”

When the coronavirus pandemic shut down many businesses Madi and her mom were inspired to open up shop.

“I went in thinking ‘oh profit! We sell things we make money!’ That’s not how it works,” she reflects.

Madi has sold a lot of pops across the area.

In return she’s gained more than money.

“I exercise more now because this cart empty is 90 pounds. We have to lift this up on a truck. So, I’ve just been lifting over and over. So, now I can run faster. I can do math quicker because change. Even though we do have square card most of the time people pay in cash.”

According to Madi, the pops aren’t just good for business they are also good for the body.

She adds, “I like knowing there’s not going to be anything bad about it because it’s all natural flavors. Grown locally on a farm in Atlanta. You have vegan popsicles. Popsicles under 100 calories and everybody can be happy without any bad side effects.”

Like a lot of successful businesses she has something for everyone.

There are pops for babies.

And even pops for pups.

“They’re made out of yogurt, bananas and peanut butter.”

Madi says her effort to do something different has been met with a lot of support.

“There are people who see me as a young kid and just want to donate and help support the business. I think that’s really nice of them.”

She may not be on a field or court, but Madi is making big plays and causing big smile one popsicle at a time.

“I like to say that we’re selling smiles.”

For more information on Madi’s “King of Pops” check out her Instagram page

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