WOMEN TO WATCH: Jennie Blanton Booker

Women to Watch

Each month WJBF News Channel 6 shines a spotlight on area women who are making a difference in their careers.
Dee Griffin recently spoke with one woman who made a career change that has deep family roots which are helping her blossom personally and professionally.

That makes her one of our Women to Watch.

In 1945, the Pollard Lumber Company started as a seedling that sprouted into a sprawling industry in Appling, Georgia.

More than 70 years later, the business is still family owned and operated.

Jennie Blanton Booker says “we’re wholesale only and we only do southern yellow pine. It’s pressure treated lumber. Our main customer would be Lowe’s.”

For the newest employee, Jennie Blanton Booker, this is a small step on a big path laid by her grandparents, Robert and Jennie Pollard.

“I am kind of a jack of all trades. At this point, I’m kind of just going around to everybody’s job and learning and doing bookkeeping and shipping out trucks. I’ve even talked to my cousin and my brother about driving me around all of the land and seeing how the forestry is going and talk to my brother about taking me around the saw mill,” explains Blanton Booker.

This is quite a detour in careers for Blanton Booker. After working 11 years in banking, she accepted an invitation by her mother to tap into her roots and become planted in the family business.

“It’s a lot to live up to. i’m a lot like my mom and i think i’m a lot like my grandmother too. I definitely hope that i can fill those shoes,” she smiles.

Big shoes that provided strong footing for this company and its reach across the southeast. But not only is Jennie helping with the family business.

She and her mother have also branched off and planted another seed that has blossomed into a beautiful event venue site called Pine Knoll Farms in Appling. As she sits and works under the watchful eye of her grandfather, Jennie is carving a niche for herself and other women in this business and all non-traditional industries.

“I would say go for it. you’re just as capable. Women are for sure. It’s a good place to be. It’s surprising but it’s fun.

Don’t feel any less because of your gender,” she concludes.

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