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AIKEN, SC (WJBF) – Inside Aiken County’s Rural Health Services, Incorporated there’s a lot of healing, and a lot of hugging.

But mostly a lot of helping.

“I don’t know how to say “no.” I haven’t mastered that yet. But, I’m still working on it.”

Gail Diggs is the Director of Outreach and Community Services at the Aiken County Rural Health Services, Incorporated.

While she may fail at saying “no,” she’s seen much success due to her passion for helping people in need.

A passion that didn’t include politics at first.

“I really did not want to be in the public eye really. Matter of fact, even politics was never on my agenda. Beverly Clyburn who was my predecessor was the one who suggested I run for her seat. She was my 8th grade teacher,” Diggs explains.

40 years after taking the first step into her passion, she’s blazed a full path for assisting others.

Diggs says, “I worked for a lot of non-profits. I’ve worked for the department of social services. I’ve worked for the department of Juvenile Justice. I’ve worked for DHEC, the Department of Health and Environmental Control. I’ve worked for Aiken Center on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services.”

She’s entering her third term on the Aiken City Council representing District One.

For the past two years, she’s served as the Mayor pro-tem.

If you spend any amount of time with Gail Diggs, you’ll notice nothing is too important to keep her from showing kindness and compassion toward others.

Even during an interview she stops to great people passing by her office.

Gail Diggs says her desire to serve was born out of a deep understanding of the need.

“I see so many people in situations that I’ve been in myself. Whether it’s being in a situation where you have little or nothing.”

As the youngest of six, Gail Diggs watched her mother’s struggles following her father’s death when she was a child.

“They both taught us and raised us to be kind to others and to help others and I saw my Mama do it so many times. People would come to her for things and she had six mouths to feed but she’d add another one whether it’s some other kids in the community or just reaching out to people at church,” she reminisces.

Her reach extends near and far throughout the River Region.

She has touched the lives of countless people of all backgrounds.

For Gail Diggs, it’s not about power or prestige.

Rather, it’s about healing and helping.

“We are all better together. We have to reach down and help somebody else. When we’re up here we can’t forget about those that aren’t because our situation can change just like that.”

Diggs has set an example of helping others that has is now being carried through her daughter who provides motivation through a blog.

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