Each month, we highlight a woman who is making a difference in the local community. 

She’s a woman who is not in the headlines or spotlight but using her career to help others. 

This month, we meet a local doctor who is changing the way kidney patients are treated in order to save lives. 

That’s why Dr. Sharica Brookins is one of our Women to Watch.

Sharica Brookins is a young doctor who is tackling an old problem in a new way.

“We provide telemedicine primarily to rural clinics in Georgia. We do so remotely through video conference either through computer, through tablet or whatever you have to access the internet. We provide consults and follow up visits for patients with chronic kidney disease,” she explains. 

With a click of a few keys on her computer, Dr. Brookins can be in touch with renal patients throughout the state immediately.

The vast number of rural communities makes her job even more important.
Georgia has 159 counties.. 

The second highest number of counties in the U.S.

That means more residents are at risk of not getting much needed medical assistance. 

These rural counties suffer from a lot of health care disparities. diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.  and then they also don’t have specialists that don’t work in those areas. 

But  Dr. Brookins is working toward narrowing the distance while widening the chances of survival.

“Once they’re diagnosed then the primary care doctors says you need to see a kidney specialist they make an appointment at their office for the patient to come back and in a designated room they’re connected with me through telemedicine.”

Although her work is techology based, she often spends time getting up close and personal with people throughout the area bringing light to what can be a dark situation for many patients. 

She says, “there’s so much anxiety that they have between that period of being diagnosed and seeing their provider. so, we hope to alleviate that anxiety. we hope to alleviate transportation issues. of course timing issues so that instead of delaying their care they can be seen sooner.”

Telemedicine isn’t new, but dr. brookins has the first private practice in georgia making this happen for patients. 

“Nephrology is a very lab based specialty. so, it doesn’t require too much hands-on contact and so we just communicate from there with talking about kidney disease, what were their risk factors, how to continue to treat them and to slow down progression.”

While progressive and innovative,  her steps toward this career haven’t come without some setbacks. 
you see.. her mother was killed by domestic violence right after dr. brookins started medical school.

“My therapy got me through. my family got me through. and also knowing how proud she would be knowing that i continued,” she reminisces. 

Despite once being knocked down by grief  Dr. Brookins is rising to greater heights toward helping others and saving lives in a new way. 

“I feel like i’m living my purpose. it’s definitely my passion.”

Dr. Brookins says technology allows her to consult with her patients 24 hours seven days a week.

For more information contact Dr. Sharica Brookins and Remote Renal Care at 877-954-3639 or heydoc@remoterenalcare.com