AUGUSTA, Ga (WBF) – Often we don’t choose our careers.

Instead, the career chooses them.

That’s definitely the case for one of our Women To Watch.

Her success was a matter of paying attention to signs.

At Keen Signs & Graphics in downtown Augusta there’s a lot of cutting and creating.

Much like the business, everything starts from a blank slate.

“So, my dad started Keene Signs and Graphics when we were in our economic slump back then. No one would hire him so he hired himself,” explains Dana Keen Phillips.

But for Dana Keen Phillips, getting into the business wasn’t always clear cut.

“For years and years, he kept asking me to join him. I was like, “no. I don’t want to work for family.”

Her non-stop referrals of business proved to be signs that this is where she belonged.

Since then, she has been instrumental in helping others stand out from the rest.

“We love getting to work with a lot of the non-profits in town and when new businesses open you’ve gotta get the word out so people know to go there. It’s part of what we do helping them be seen. Then, people come in wanting banners for their grandmother’s 90th birthday or something like that and that’s always exciting,” she beams.

When the pandemic threatened businesses, Dana’s father came up with a way to make sneeze guards to block the virus.

She helped put plans into motion to get them to stores and companies around Georgia and across the U.S.

“They’re just made from sign material. What we use to make ADA braille signs, using the machine that we use to cut all of our signs, and we just gave it a try and one thing led to another.”

As the business grows and expands, so is Dana.

“One of the things that I’ll be doing is help run our safety and general training program to make sure we’re up to the current standards for safety. Make sure our sales staff and everyone is continuing to grow professionally.”

When it comes to women and their goals, Dana is proof that paying attention to signs pays off in the end.

“I encourage women to follow their dreams. The sky is limitless when you put your mind to it. No one is holding me back because I’m a woman. I am in control of what I achieve and what I want to do. So, I go do it. I encourage other women to have the same mindset.”