Women to Watch: Courtnee Russ

Women to Watch

Each month, we feature women who are making a difference through their career.  This month, we met a woman who makes it her business to take customer service to new heights while helping others.  That’s why Courtnee Russ is one of our “Women to Watch.”

Since 1979, the surrey center pharmacy has been in the business of helping to heal what ails people in augusta. over the years, the business has gone from being more than just a pharmacy. it’s a family.

Courtnee Russ says, “we have the opportunity with the independent world to really get to know our customers. Not that you can’t do that in a chain pharmacy or a bigger pharmacy. But, we get the opportunity to really get to know them. To become friends with them. They’re like second family to us.”

Courtnee Russ has owned the surrey center pharmacy since 2014 but her introduction to the business started long before. 

“Basically started as a clerk and worked all the way through college. Went to pharmacy school. Came back and worked on the weekends and then once I got out of school I’ve been working here.”

She learned the business from its original owner Earl Wright.

The two still work side by side. according to mr. wright. he couldn’t go wrong with courtnee at the helm. 

“You recognize a good work ethic and she has an outstanding work ethic and she just took to this like the proverbial duck takes to water and she was no doubt the right person,” explains Wright.

Once one of a handful of women in pharmacy.

She has worked her way into ownership in an industry that is quickly being gobbled up by major chains and franchises; but her passion for people and pharmacy became the perfect prescription for her success.

“I love independent pharmacy. It’s something that I always thought I wanted to do and I wanted to buy. I like the idea of ownership, you know, I had great role models,” says Russ. 

Now, she’s doing the same for others. through the store, courtnee is providing heavy doses of opportunities to showcase products of local authors and artists.

Anna Simpson is one of them.

“She came in last year right before Masters week and had done an Augusta print. We put a few in here and everybody just loved it. It took off so we’ve added more of her prints and she’s expanded over the year.” 

Earl Wright says it’s just one way courtnee has built upon the foundation he poured 40 years ago.

“Absolutely! That’s what you want is for the next generation to do it better than you do it and she has absolutely done that,” he smiles. 

While she’s making things better for the future, Courtnee is focused on maintaining the good things about her present pharmacy and the people who have become family. 

“We just want to be here for our customers and be able to take care of them.” 

The Surrey Center Pharmacy also offers a special section dedicated to local authors who are selling their books. 
To nominate a woman who is using her career to make a difference search this website for “Women to Watch” nominations. 

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