Women To Watch: Captain Tammy Thain

Women to Watch

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – First Responders are heroes without capes.

Each day, they soar to new heights saving lives armed with hard work and dedication.

There are some extra special traits about one member of the Augusta Fire Department that set her apart from the rest.

For 15 years, Tammy Thain has worked as a First Responder.

You could say the job is in her blood.

“I have a grandfather who was a First Responder/EMT, an Uncle that was a First Responder/EMT, I have two cousins were Chief of Bowling Springs and a Sergeant at Bowling Springs Fire Department South Carolina, my dad’s side is all police officers,” explains Captain Thain.

Like them, she has put in the work.

From being on ambulances to beginning as a firefighter with the Augusta Fire Department, then moving through the ranks, she has made her mark on a traditionally male dominated job.

She admits it wasn’t easy.

“To start with. But, I mean, you’ve got to prove yourself. Prove that you can do the job. Once you kind of prove yourself it gets easier.”

After years of hard work, she recently earned the rank of “Captain.”

She’s the first woman to reach this level among suppression in the Augusta Fire Department.

She achieved the goal all while being a mother of four and grandmother.

According to Captain Thain, “anything’s possible with hard work and common sense you can accomplish a lot.”

So, what keeps her coming back each shift?

“The camaraderie, the family, the brotherhood,” she replies.

While fighting fires takes a lot of strength she admits having a weakness for animals.

So much so, she fell in love with a dog at a recent fire in downtown Augusta.

She explains, “we found her right next to the fire room. She did have a couple of burns on her and I love animals. We got her out and she just was so sweet. We called animal control I didn’t want her to be put down. I said, ‘if nobody claims her then call me.'”

Instead, she ended up calling animal control to check on the dog.

After visiting the dog and taking him treats she was able to adopt the pup.

She named him “Smoky.”

Captain Thain has the same dedication to taking care of her colleagues.

“My concern is for my guys and make sure everybody goes home. That’s my concern.”

While the job is in her blood, the love of helping others is the driving force that fuels her passion.

“Having somebody come to you that you did CPR on just a couple of days earlier when they can come back to you and go ‘thank you for what you did makes it worth it,” she concludes.

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