Women to Watch: Bethany Roley

Women to Watch

Since 2006, Bethany Roley has been an architect of sorts.  She started with yoga and personal training behind the local library.

“When I first started we had 11 girls in that one class behind the library. Now, we have about 100 members,” she explains. 

Along the way she has helped build stronger bodies and stronger minds. 

“I truly believe that your confidence in life starts with how comfortable you are in your skin. So, if you don’t feel comfortable in your body, it’s harder to go out and do the experiences that you want to do in life.”

She’s doing it through her business called Fierce Fitness Training in Evans, Georgia.

While small in stature, Bethany has a large vision for women and their development both physically and mentally.

“So, my whole philosophy is training from the inside out. We want to build you up from the inside out. So, it’s all about learning how to accept your body type that you were given. We’re all not going to be the same and just learning to be the healthiest version of yourself that you can be.”

During her fight with anxiety, Bethany says she turned to exercising as a way to conquer panic attacks and feelings of being anxious.

Now she’s giving women the weapons, and weights, to win their own inner battles. 

Bethany says, “we have a lot of women here who deal with anxiety and depression and so it’s almost like a therapy place for them. They come here and they feel like they can take off the mask that they feel like they have to wear all the time, and they’re comfortable here. Everybody accepts them. Nobody judges you. It doesn’t matter your background. It doesn’t matter what you look like. You come here and feel at home. “

According to Bethany, Fierce Fitness program is geared toward women who are a bit older. They are typically ages 40 and up. 

The program is aimed at helping them gain more than muscle. It helps lift their confidence along the way. 

“You wake up one day, you’ve spent so much time with the kids being little, and you’re like ‘who am I?’ like, ‘what happened to Bethany?’ Where is she? She’s still there. We find ourselves again. I’m trying to teach these women that you’re more than somebody’s mom, you’re more than somebody’s wife, or somebody’s daughter. There’s so much more that you can do. Somebody is lacking that self-confidence to get out there and do it. That’s what we work on here,” she reflects. 

Woman by woman she’s helping them stretch their limits to build better bodies and minds.

“I have a huge vision for this place. I want to reach as many women and change as many women’s lives as I can,” she smiles.  

Find more information about Fierce Fitness Training at www.fiercefitnessevans.com or call (706) 303-4394. 

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