Women To Watch: April Henry King

Women to Watch

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFSB) – Artists can create a canvas out of almost anything.

One local woman is using her large scale canvases to not only bring color ..but inspiration to others.

That’s why April Henry King is one of our “Women To Watch.”

Most people may not recognize her face, but, they’ve seen April Henry King’s work.

“I have to be surrounded by color and happiness. I just have to make things beautiful. I can’t help myself. So, everything is my canvas,” says King.

April has been leaving a colorful footprint across the CSRA for a few years.

This self-taught artist says she’s always had a passion for creativity.

For April, when it comes to art, there’s more than meets the eye.

“I love color so much! I’m really into the psychology of color. Like colors make you feel something. That’s why you have a favorite color because it ignites some kind of emotion in you,” she explains.

Behind every stroke of color there’s a meaning and message.

For example, the mural behind Southern Salad in downtown Augusta is more than just veggies on a wall.

“So, that place is very green and healthy and at that point in my life too I was actually eating better too. So, I felt very inspired. I just loved the black and white freshness of it.”

Then, there’s the mural at the Savannah River Brewing Company.

She explains, “If you actually look it’s the Savannah River, it’s a big wave, and it tells the story of the making of beer and the process of beer. But, if you look in the waves it shows little glimpses of the tribes that founded the land here.”

While the world was dealing with a pandemic and protests, April was finishing up a massive mural at the soon to open Edgars Above Broad.

During a time of darkness, she was using her talent to bring color and light.

“I continued to do murals at that time and thought of ways that I could just ignite some type of good feeling within people. That’s really all I can do,” April reflects.

Through this medium of painting murals she’s also using her passion as a purpose to inspire others.

“I’d just say having that passion and wanting to do it and just going for it and not waiting for permission, or someone to say ‘oh you’re an artist you should do that.’ No, like tell yourself you’re an artist and then do it and show up everyday.”

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