EVANS, Ga (WJBF) – Inside a quaint building tucked just over the Evans city line, Dr. Samantha Tojino is shining a light on physical conditions that are often kept in the dark.

“I had one lady tell me that the colors came back into her life. So, that’s what makes me love my job,” she says.

It’s a job that has evolved with years of experience.

She explains, “I’ve been a nurse for 28 years. I’ve been a nurse practioner for 10 years. I’ve been in women’s health, sexual medicine for the past 10 years and urology and gynocology. So, uro-gynocology pretty much for 25 years all together.”

She opened Augusta Anti-Aging Medicine back in March.

Here, she takes new approaches to old problems like aging and menopause health by treating them with what she calls a functional medicine approach.

“Functional medicine always treats chronic illnesses. It basically starts with diet, exercise, helping with lifestyle changes and from there we go to nutraceutical which are vitamins nutraceutical and pharmaceutical medications. So, we like to go in that direction first and leaving pharmaceuticals as the last treatment option for patients if they have to have that.”

Samantha tells me it all started due to her love of helping women.

“When I worked in New York in urology, every man that walked in the practice was asked about their sexual health and the woman was never addressed and that’s another half to the equation. So, that’s what started me down the road to sexual health because I wanted to help women with their sexual health needs.”

She explains sexual health is only a piece of the puzzle when it comes to menopause.

“Addressing menopause is addressing from head to toe. Our hair starts to shed, our skin starts to change, we feel fatigued, we can’t sleep at night, we have hot flashes, bladder issues, urinary tract issues all of those things start to happen as we go through menopause.”

Just as treatments have been enhanced over the years.. so has her level of expertise becoming a nationally certified menopause practitioner and a diplomat with the American Academy of Anti-aging medicine.

She has big titles for big issues that she says have yielded even bigger rewards.

“I have a lot of patients that have seen other providers and they feel a little down about not getting all of their issues addressed appropriately and they’re more like a flower that blossoms after they have all of their health issues addressed.”

For Samantha, the office is more than a building. Her practice is more than a job. It’s a mission with a higher purpose.

“It’s only through the grace of God that I’m able to do that. He uses me to help other people,” she concludes.

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