MARTINEZ, Ga (WJBF) – Often in life the journey toward ones destiny can take different paths.

That’s exactly what happened for Christine Robison.

“So, I was hired by a local pre-school and a family came in and I really connected with their son and they’re like ‘would you like to provide ABA therapy?’ I was like ‘I don’t know what that is.’ They’re like, ‘he’s autistic.’ I was like, ‘I don’t know what autism is.’ That was way back in 2010. She was like we’ll train you. We’ll provide everything that you need to learn about it and within two weeks I said, ‘this is everything that I was meant to do in my life” explains Robison.

Since then, she has completed training and even achieved board certification.

“2014 is when I was fully board certified. So, since then, I’ve worked for several agencies. I’ve started several clinics doing consultations for local pediatricians in rural areas to help start up clinics because Georgia’s a really underserved area for autism therapy.”

Through her new found passion, she took steps toward bridging potential gaps in services for local children and adults.

“Live Oak Behavioral Services provides ABA behavior therapy which is applied behavioral analysis for children and adults with autism,” says Robison.

Her company helps children and adults who may not get it anywhere else.

“The unique thing about Live Oak is that we reserve space for kids in the area that have autism that is complicated but co-occuring medical or psychiatric condition that can’t be serviced by other local providers.”

Christine and her therapists at Live Oak behavioral services are accustomed to pivoting and

adjusting to various situations.

So, when the pandemic hit, they turned what could have been a bad situation into something better.

“Because our kids are a little bit more complicated with their autism diagnosis virtual learning wasn’t very effective for them so we were able to transition here and provide behavioral support while they were in their virtual learning programs,” she reflects.

Christine knows a lot about transition and adjustments.

The mother of two started up the business after her marriage declined ending in divorce.

Like her clients, she’s faced challenges.

But, Christine is proof that with determination as a roadmap there are many different paths leading to success.

“I wouldn’t trade any of the experiences that I’ve had over the past 3 years. It’s been hard. There’s been lots of tears. Lots of sweat. Lots of frustrations but I think it makes me a better person and I feel like it makes me better able to support other women I know who are trying to build something of their own,” she concludes.