Stakeholders at local Alzheimer’s center celebrate donation with a Land Dedication Ceremony


Augusta, Ga. (WJBF) – A big move for the Jud C. Hickey Center for Alzheimer’s Care.
Tuesday, leaders from the center held a dedication for a new center on land in west Augusta, on Washington road, near the woodbine west subdivision.

Jennifer Pennington, the Executive Director of the Jud C Hickey Center for Alzheimer’s Care says ,”There are about 4 acres here on Washington Road that the Knox Foundation has donated for the future home of the new Jud C. Hickey center.

The center is a non-profit organization that provides services to people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

“The Alzheimer’s disease is growing exponentially and impacting most every family and so we have provided the service for over 20 years in this community,” says Alan K. Griffin, member of the board of directors.

The center will be moving from its old location on central avenue.

“It’s been there for a long time and it’s formerly a house, a residential house,” says Griffin.

Alan K. Griffin is on the board of directors for the Alzheimer’s care center. He says the old center was probably less than 2 thousand square feet and only able to service around 30 members. With their future center, they’ll service around 100 people.

“This will enable us to offer our services to so many other families, we’ll be able to expand our programs offer care partner education and a number of other services to our community,” says Pennington.

Their services include activities that help keep clients engaged.

“An Alzheimer client cannot sit and watch T.V. With that attention span that does not work they need to be active they need to be moving they need to be around friends, they don’t need to be sitting at home by themselves and so the Jud C Hickey center provides this,” says Janet McKnight, Jud C Hickey center for Alzheimer’s care.

Services offered at the Jud C Hickey Center:

  • Exercise (all sorts from light weights, yoga, to non-contact boxing)
  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – routine multisensory activities designed to stimulate the brain and body
  • Interactive lectures and presentations on travel, history, musicians, and more
  • Mastermind Meet Up (group games and trivia)
  • Entertainment
  • Music and Artistic Expression Classes
  • Volunteer Projects

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