COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- Open Door Dispensation, Inc. will be opening their doors Sunday December 4th providing ministry to children and families with disabilities and their preparation has already begun.

“There are people out here in the community that care about them and have a heart for them– and a love for them and their children and I am specifically a mother of a special needs child,” ODD Founder Synita M. Moss said.

Synita Moss says it’s a project that’s been in the works for about a year.

“It was a vision imparted from God, He had a predestined plan already for special needs children and their family.”

The event will feature all sorts of activities for people to participate in, including a red carpet moment.

“Food, live entertainment, we got balloons, we got cotton candy, candy apples– just everything just to make them happy because they deserve it,” Moss said.

Mascot O-D-D  will be showcased for the first time to the public– a design that was created by a young woman in Ukraine.

“She actually won a contest that people from all over, in different nations, had an opportunity to put their art piece in and I had three individuals that I chose from and hers won,” Moss said.

The non-profit hopes to provide other services in the near future.

“We’ll also be offering speech therapy and occupational therapy and physical therapy to these families as well,” Moss said.

Moss says she’s just grateful for this vision and those in the community who have helped bring it to light.

“Whatever you believe in, believe it with all your heart and if you believe it, it will manifest itself.”

If you would like to get a “VIP” pass you can call 706- 386- 5476 or get one at the door located at 4210 Columbia Rd. in Martinez.

The ribbon cutting event will take place at 9 in the morning, don’t miss your chance to have fun and wear your love face mask.