NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – Salvation Army volunteers are ringing their bells to bring in red kettle donations. But, they’re still falling behind this year.

“Inflation is up on a lot of items and people dont have as much spare change as they usually have because of that. But I just encourage folks if they have a dollar or two to give, this money stays in the community.”

With only eleven days left of the red kettle campaign, the Salvation Army of Augusta is behind on its goal of two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars.

It’s crucial for it to have more volunteers so the goal can be met.

“We do need volunteers, so we don’t have as many kettles manned as we need. We’ve got 32 locations, and we’re in desperate need right now for volunteers for the remaining 11 days. When we don’t have a volunteer for a location, that’s just a location that doesn’t collect money.”

All of the donations stay local, and go towards helping people in need in the community.

“This city has a huge heart. Like Colen said this does stay in the community. I think it’s very important. Like I say North Augusta is a very loving community, I was born and raised here. When were in need people come together general. So I would just encourage folks if they’re by come up with some change, every little bit helps and they can stretch it and make it go a long way.”

They’re also behind on their angel tree donations, with 100 kids left to buy gifts for before the deadline on Friday the 16th.

“This one for example, they’re looking for a jacket or a scooter. They like paw patrol and they’ve got their clothing size here. So you would come and try to get the things off the list. You can ring it back here to the Kroc center or you can bring it to our peach orchard family store.”

You can sign up to become a volunteer by clicking here.