AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- “I’m cold now in fact, I don’t know how I’m going to make it these next few days but I have no choice I got nothing else I can do,” said Lenard Cavage.

 During this time of year, people like Lenard Cavage are doing their best to stay warm, when they don’t have a place to stay.

Cavage has stayed at almost every  shelter  in Augusta, now he seeks shelter at a bus stop, because of rules at some homeless shelters with limited stays.

The Garden City Rescue mission is taking the opportunity to help, due to the cold front heading this way

 “We’re going to try best to get folks they don’t stay with us to encourage them to make a decision that would allow them to stay with us and will work with people to try to help them get things sorted out,” said Patrick Feistel Garden City Rescue Mission.

But there are rules and regulations.

“If somebody’s a sex offender they wouldn’t be able to stay here right now and if they have a warrant sometimes it might be a simple charge but that they wouldn’t qualify to stay here they would consider us harboring a fugitive or something like that.”

 In the meantime Cavage keeps layers of clothing to keep him warm.

“I got a short sleeve shirt I got this long sleeve flannel shirt and then I got like a vest underneath that,“ said Cavage.