Local woman surprises young jobless man who paid for her headlights


MARTNEZ Ga. (WJBF) — An act of kindness is bringing two strangers together.

“I’m standing in line to check out, and this guy turns around and asks me what I am getting,” said Cindy Mitchell. “I told him headlights. He says, give me those and grabs them, and he put them on the register. Another guy was standing there with a bucket full of items and said, give me that too. I’m thinking to myself what he is doing. He says I want to buy it, and I told him no, these are $80 headlights. He said I haven’t been able to church to tithe, and this is a way I can tithe since I can go to church right now. By the time it all this happened, the transaction was done.”

Cindy Mitchell: “Hello! You look spiffy.”

Latrell Lee: “Thank You!”

Cindy Mitchell: “Are you doing good?”

Latrell Lee: “Yes!”

Cindy Mitchell: “So we are doing an interview with the news about your act of kindness. In reality, I’ve spun this one on you.”

“I found out who his mother and sister were,” explained Mitchell. “Come to find out Latrell has been going through a hard time. He was laid off from work a couple of months ago when all of the COVID stuff hit. He is school full time to become an electrician at Augusta Tech; he has a high GPA. But he has to work a bunch of jobs to make ends meet. The only way he had this money to pay for my headlights is because his car was deemed a lemon.”

Cindy Mitchell: “But on top of that, you still out of nowhere came in to help me.

Cindy Mitchell: “I have $200 cash for you.”

Latrell Lee: “O-M-G!”

Cindy Mitchell: “That is for you to use if you need to get tools for your electrician tool belt or bills. I also had two people donate Lowe’s gift cards to help with any of your electric supplies to jump-start anything.”

“It’s taught we are supposed to give from our hearts, and that was from my heart,” explained Latrell Lee. “That’s why I do it, despite what I have going on.”

Latrell recently had to sell his laptop he uses for school. Cindy set up a gofundme page to help her new friend. Click here if would like to help Latrell, or you can donate at any of the Allegiance Ink Tattoo Shops.

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