Local man starts support group for community during pandemic


(WJBF)- Now that the coronavirus pandemic has made its way to the CSRA, those who are immunocompromised are not advised to leave their homes. As a result, a local man started a support group on Facebook to help his neighbors.

Alan Nichols, from North Augusta, started the Facebook group CSRA Coronavirus Support Group as a way to give back to his community.

“About four years ago, we had a house fire where we lost everything and the community really rallied around us and supported us and was very giving and gracious and donated a lot of things and we were really blessed and we jut wanted to pass that blessing along to everybody else in anyway we can.”

Nichols works at Kimberly Clark and he says that one night at work he was talking with a coworker about the toilet paper shortage.

He said that while the social media memes about the lack of supplies and hoarding are amusing, he couldn’t help but worry for the people who couldn’t leave home to get those necessary supplies.

“I just decided to make a group for the community and for the older folks who can’t leave the house, the people that are trying to stay in that have underlying conditions, try to help them get the things they need.”

Nichols says that the response has been overwhelming. He started the group on March 18th and it currently has over three thousand members.

“I was real surprised by how fast it grew and I’m hoping it’ll grow a lot faster.”

He also says that he has plans for the group’s future.”

“We would like, maybe after this pandemic is over try to use the group for other means in the community to try to help other people for different events and things that happen to people within their lives.”

If you would like to be part of the group, you can find it on Facebook under CSRA Coronavirus Support Group.

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