Jennie: Thoughts about “The One that Stayed Away” as we practice social distancing


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– UPDATE: Since original post, movie theaters and many stores have closed temporarily.


This is a time of uncertainty, for sure.

One way I deal with anxiety about things I can’t control, is by doing something I can control.

I saw this post on Facebook and thought it really sent a powerful visual about the importance of social distancing. Be that one, the one that kept something from spreading.

As we navigate this uncertain time of “social distancing,” I am encouraging parents to make sure your high school and college students don’t look at school closures like extended spring breaks.
Now is the time for guilt free screen time, movie marathons, binge-watching their favorite shows and Netflix… not gathering with friends, going to movies, the mall, etc. They need to stay home for the whole point of closures to be effective.
This picture is a great example! One little match dips out, and the flame can’t spread. I saw the picture on Facebook with the post, “Sometimes you just need to see it- #perspective.” It went on to say the photo had been shared by doctors in Greece: the one who stayed away saved all the rest.
It’s really, really hard to cancel events and activities that we’ve been planning: vacations, honeymoons, weddings… so many happy times.
But people are also postponing funerals for loved ones, visits to the sick and elderly, church services.
Please talk to your children. Call your neighbors and check on them. Make sure the widow down the street has groceries- and her medicine.
It’s a scary time.
Kindness will go a long way.

We’re looking at this through the lens of a frightening virus marching across the globe, but it applies in other contexts as well.

Be the one who stops the gossip from spreading.

Be the one who ends an escalating situation.

Be the one who isn’t afraid not to be like all the rest.

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