Jennie: Mark Bowen makes a big impact on families in crisis as Richmond Co. Coroner


"We don't want anybody to find out by phone or social media, we want to be eye-to-eye with that person so we can deliver the worst news that they're ever gonna receive." -Coroner Mark Bowen

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– It’s a huge compliment for the work of the Ricmond County Coroner’s Office.

Governor Brian Kemp has just appointed Coroner Mark Bowen to the Georgia Training Council. He is one of only five coroners in the state to be selelcted.

“We pick the curriculum that the coroners will be taught each year, for their in-service. Also we handle the disciplinary part as far as, if we have a coroner that’s not doing right in the state, we’ll make a recommendation to the governor’s office, and the AG’s office to take disciplinary actions if needed.”

Since Bowen has been coroner, his office has worked to increase awareness about organ donation. It’s a question asked in hospitals, but previously was not asked on the streets.

“Correct. Carl Eubanks, the director of the Augusta University Tissue Donor Services and I partnered up. We now offer the families of loved ones that die at home, or in car wrecks or shootings, if the loved one wanted to donate we make that happen for them We’ve been able to help over 5.000 people locally to carry on because of donation.”

To learn more about the services of the coroner’s office, click here.

For more about organ donation, contact Carl Eubanks at 706.533.4210

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