Jennie: Artist Billy S shares his talents on the canvas and on the guitar


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– You’ll find colorful paintings by self-taught popular artist Billy S all over downtown Augusta, and at the Mellow Mushroom restaurants.

And we are surrounded by some of his great pieces in the studion. And Billy, tell us about the paintings here from the Red Series.

“It’s really kind of, well- red’s such a passionate color, and of course, it’s associated with Valentine’s day and February, right?”

“And I can find the power of red even in a little bit of a painting, but I did this red series just to show us, as passionate as I could. A lot of times you’ll see, kind of two faces staring at each other and kind of where they would meet in between or if you… Jewels or a heart or things like that just to represent love or a connection.”

Even when he’ not using a lot of color, he creates drama.

“Billy, you can’t escape how dramatic this heart is on the black background.”

“I kinda do it bold. Big and bold. If anybody needs a nice mural with a giant heart, yeah! We could cover the whole building in one, I wouldn’t mind.”

Well, there’s a lot of talk about murals in downtown Augusta now. I’m gonna lobby for you, Billy. I think we need a giant heart!

Billy’s band is playing at Southbound on Central Saturday, Feb. 15th.

“We’ll be playing at 9:30pm so it’ll a early enough show. I’m gonna be playing my new record.”


“And then between the sets, we’re gonna have a few different surprises, so it should be even my, my drummer, Dave Muss Mercer, who he is a all star around town, he plays in everybody’s band and makes them sound good too. But he’ll make you dance. He’s gonna be on drums and he’s gonna do a few of his songs in between the sets. And at the end of, after all that, my whole band, Billy S Electric Power Trio, will play a full set of I guess about an hour or so.”

For more information about Billy S, click here.

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