JENNIE: Amplified Events takes celebrations to the next level



School is be back in session and so are the opportunities for you to get in a few extracurricular activities. First up, they call themselves the single source for everything you need to make your next event exciting, unforgettable and as stress free as possible.

Joining me now are the guys behind Amplified Events: Patrick O’Connor and David Bash. Guys, I feel like we should be dancing right now with that music. I’m so energized!

David: “I wish could have brought more equipment.”

Jennie: Really, we could have had a light show going on and everything, a little karaoke in the corner. So Amplified Events, really cool concept and Patrick you founded it.

Patrick: “Yes, I did. Turns out that I had the most CDs out of my group when I was in the eighth grade so I was dubbed the honorary DJ so I was put in that position but I really enjoyed it, loved music and had the opportunity to make that into a business. When I was 15 my dad wrote me a check for $2,000 and said, “Okay, I think you should go out and do this.” He’s regretted it every since and I did. I had to pay him back, of course, that was one of the stipulations.”

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