Augusta, Ga (WJBF)- “It’s awesome I’ve been doing it since we’ve been here since I was in kindergarten every year just like it’s incredible,” said Christian White.

It’s a packed night on Glenn Ave in Augusta—home owners say every year for Halloween the streets are filled with kids running door -to-door for candy.

“I am having a ball I love children all children just like my daughter.” 

Roads being blocked off on almost every block—and it’s all to see the spooky houses, and show off their costumes  

“Happy Halloween this Is I rober –“

“Yeah I’m a princess ” 

“So us three are cowgirls and then they’re aliens and we kind of just found it on Pinterest and was like we’re doing this.” 

White says each year hundreds of kids walk to their home for candy – and no matter how packed it gets, they plan to do it all over again.

“All of them say thank you which is huge we do it for them I remember doing it myself I would always change clothes and then go hit all the houses and get as much candy as I can again just keep on doing it,” said White.

The trick or treating goes on, on Glenn Ave – until all the candy is gone from each home.

“Probably until I think it wraps up about 8:30 or 9,” said White.