Giving Your Best: William Johnson

Giving Your Best

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– After an absence of more than a year, WJBF NewsChannel 6 is proud to finally resume the presentation of our monthly Giving Your Best award!

Our partners have put a lot of work into selecting our first post-pandemic winner… and he is most deserving!

William Johnson has a reputation of giving tirelessly of himself to the students, staff, athletic department, and alumni of Hephzibah High School… but it took a little nudging from his wife to get the ball rolling.

William says he would often complain that HHS wasn’t getting the recognition it deserved.

“I complained so much my wife said, look- get up, step up and do something or stop complaining or you’re gonna be just like the rest of them. So that’s how it really got started. I reached out, got on the school council, met with the principals, started getting out in the community and finding out what they needed and tried to give back a little bit, try to help at least one or two kids along the way.”

William’s passion is providing students with the best opportunities available. and he’s a good fundraiser!

“Most people know that the schools don’t have a whole lot of money, so if advocates like myself and others, at other schools, get out and help raise money for them– selling dinners, car washes, srestle-thons, spaghetti dinners– you name it, this is what it takes to give back to some of these kids and you really don’t know what they go home to until you get involved with them.”

And once you’re involved, he says you have a better opportunity to learn about the unspoken needs.

“I heard about two little girls that were sisters and kids were picking on them because they were wearing the same clothes, so we started a clothing bank at the school. Then the food bank came about because there was a young guy that was saving his lunch so he could feed his girlfriend, he’d take it so she could have food in the evening. You’d be surprised to find out the little things you can do that make a big difference.”

All his work pays off with warm greetings from appreciative students.

“They give you a hug, ‘hey did you see this? Mr. Johnson, look at my report card!’ give me a big hug and a smile so it’s little things that make a difference and you really don’t know it. So just share a little bit.”

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