Giving Your Best: Whitney Hudson

Giving Your Best

From cooking classes to self-esteem building, one incredible community volunteer is making a way for young girls to have a safe place to ask questions and talk about issues.

She calls her group, “Girl Talk” and says it’s a judgment-free zone where girls from 7 – 17 can get answers, and feel free to talk about what’s on their mind. And she does it while raising her own kids… ages 15, 11, 7 and 9 months!

It takes a lot to  rattle this busy mother of four, but Whitney Hudson’s friends are pretty crafty! And they wanted the community to know what a difference the founder of “Girl Talk” is making in young lives.

Shernelle Jones nominated Whitney for the Giving Your Best award because she see the difference the club makes in her child’s life.

“Helping them do extra things, do constructive things, with their time, and helping them think about their future and what they want to do.”

Whitney says it’s about talking in a safe, judgment-free space. 

“Talk about puberty, life situations, low self-esteem, empowering each other, being each other’s sisters keeper.” 

Whitney got the idea to start the girls club from seeing her own teenage daughter’s struggles. 

“Talking with her and telling me all the problems and situations going on at her own school & her and her friends’ lives and stuff like that.”

Another important part of Girl Talk is its emphasis on giving back, which Shernelle really appreciates.

“She does a lot of things showing them to do, you know, community service, and not just think of yourself, but think of others. And also showing them that there are people who have less than you, and to reach back and help other people.”

Whitney says they feed the less fortunate at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and occasionally sponsor a project they call Sandwich the City.

“We have sandwiches and a drink and snacks in brown paper bags and the less fortunate are able to come up and get what they like.” 

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