Giving Your Best: The Blair Brothers

Giving Your Best

From giving people a platform to express their ideas on everything from politics to the arts, to raising awareness about the need for mentors and role models, Faheem and Neal Blair are using their talents and work ethic to make an impact on young people.

Right after high school they started a lawn care business, and they’ve accepted –even embraced– the responsibility they feel comes with their success….and that’s why the Blair Brothers are being honored with the Giving Your Best award.

Traci Warthaw used to watch them play at Jennings Homes, when they were little boys. She nominated the brothers for the Giving Your Best award.

“You can take two people who grew up in the same neighborhood- one person goes to the left, the other to the right, why is that? They have determined they are not going to be statistics just because they come from Jennings Homes.”

Traci says the brothers, Faheem and Neal Blair, are outstanding examples of those who went “right.”
“They got it together immediately after high school, started a business, grew that business and were able to offer 10 people employment. There’s good in the hood.”

Faheem Blair/ “We’ve been know Miss Traci since we were little boys, and just to know that she did all this for us, it’s love. Growing up in a low-income neighborhood, you really don’t see inspiration often -we just want it better- and we didn’t see it, so we knew that when we got in a position to be it, we had to come back to the community.”

Neal Blair/”This is a great honor and we appreciate you all so much We’re just the face, there are so many other people who help out with everything that we do, I want to thank God and everybody from  Jennings Homes.”

It’s the place, Faheem says,  they started their back-to-school drives 5 years ago.

“On my mother’s porch cause she’s still a resident of Jennings Homes. We started off with a couple of friends– five years later it’s amazing, we have t-shirts, so many sponsors, volunteers.”  

And according to Neal, it doesn’t stop there:  their podcast, On the Dirty Couch is a platform to bring issues and awareness to the community.

“To kind of showcase what they have going on,.. we want people to know that in the city of Augusta, Georgia you can make it, you don’t have to go to Macon, you don’t have to go to Savannah you can make it right from the city of Augusta, GA.”

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