BARNWELL, S.C. (WJBF)– This month’s Giving Your Best winner Has been a nurse for over 35 years. She’s worked in surgery, the ER, and doctors’ offices during her career… and her service during Covid really set her apart!

Meet Barnwell’s Robin Gable. She didn’t plan on being a nurse.

“I was actually going to be a math major!”

But she says God had other plans for her.

“I think it was just a calling. God tells us to use our talents to serve others and use our gifts to serve others, and so I if we see someone in need we just try to use our gifts and talents to help them. It might just be holding someone’s hand, or listening to someone who doesn’t have anybody to talk to at home, just whatever the need may be, if you can meet it, meet it- you’ll be blessed abundantly.”

Robin surely feels blessed to have a large and loving family, many of whom were on hand for our big surprise! Her co-workers, capturing the big moment, say Robin indeed has met plenty of needs –and been a blessing herself– particularly during Covid.

Jennifer Rahn is one of those co-workers.

“Robin has been such a huge asset always making sure that we were on top of things in terms of our telehealth visits, our outdoor testing, making sure we were keeping our staff safe but making sure we were giving the community the things they needed.”

Ronnie Gable nominated his wife for the award.

“When she worked in surgery, if she had not been working there with Dr. Conn, there was probably people that wouldn’t be here, if they were not here to do the surgery and get them stable enough to get them to a larger hospital or something like that. I can remember they did surgeries all night and still did the surgeries the next day.”

For someone who didn’t plan on being a nurse, Robin Gage has undoubtedly given nursing her best!

“She’s always trying to reach out and see any needs in the community coming out… and if somebody needs dinner, she’s taking them dinner… or if somebody needs injections but can’t come to the clinic, she’s done home visits for that. She’s always seeing what she can do the help both our staff and our patients.”

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