Pat Grice is a volunteer with Columbia County Community Connection and Columbia County Cares. She delivers food and clothing where it’s needed, coordinating with consignment shops and grocery stores.

What began 11 years ago with just one school, now serves 31 schools.  

Pat had another reason to celebrate when the WJBF cameras showed up at her office– making it an extra special birthday as she was presented the Giving Your Best award!!!

“It’s a wonderful thing to be able to get so much stuff in and be able to help!”

And boy, has Pat Grice ever done that! From helping organize free clothing closets in several counties, to her Food for Kids weekend feeding program that serves 520 children.

“It helps them through the weekend, and a lot of churches and organizations help to get that done. I also do a program with the Senior Foodbox and we give out about 20-25 boxes of food to the senior citizens once a month.”

“She is the best person I know. She will give anything to anybody, she would give you everything in her checking account if she knew you needed it.”

Angela Rhea says nominating Pat for the Giving Your Best Award was the least she could do.

“She just goes above and beyond, I don’t know anyone else like her.”

“It’s always been something that I’ve had a desire to do, was to help those who couldn’t help themselves.”

Pat’s help extends beyond physical needs. She’s lovingly taken in other children over the years, starting with twins who needed a place to stay.

“They lived with me until they graduated and then both of them went on to be nurses. Then, when I was raising my granddaughter, we took in a girl who was 6 at the time, and she lived with me for 8 years and she went on to be a nurse.”

It’s kind of clear where those children, who grew up to be nurses, learned to care for others!

“I’m hoping there will be less people hungry and less people in need, but as long as there are people in need we’ll continue to serve them.”