AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Margie Odum has volunteered for the local non-profit, When Help Can’t Wait for the past 15 years.

She crochets afghans and donates them to people in nursing homes, and to cancer patients. We’re talking up to 25 pieces a month– that’s more than 4,000 donations. And one more thing: she’s 90 years old!!

You can help Margie! Drop off yarn donations to When Help Can’t Wait:


One stitch at a time…
“My mother taught me when I was a kid.”
over and over, too many times to count…
“So, all my life!”
creating beautiful works of art.

Nominator Helen McVicker says Margie’s works aren’t your typical afghans.

“Not just crochet, hers are exceptional. They’re beautiful, they’re not just put together.”

McVicker is the Founder and Executive Director of When Help Can’t Wait.

“Margie was the second person to walk into my office and she said, “I’ve seen that article and I see what you do and I want to help.”

When asked what sparked her interest in that article 15 years ago, Margie chuckled.

“I don’t remember 15 years ago! But I’m sure it was, ‘Maybe there’s something I can do to be useful.'”

Useful, indeed! Margie has crocheted as many as 25 afghans a month for 15 years. Thousands of people have enjoyed her creations, including hats and scarves, in at least 20 different nursing homes.

“I can’t just sit, I’ve gotta do something, so I either crochet or work a puzzle.”

Margie Odum… talented, caring, connected. Thank you, for Giving Your Best, magnificently!

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