Waynesboro, GA (WJBF)– This month’s Giving Your Best winner has been a part of the Waynesboro-Burke Concert Series all-volunteer board since 2001. Kaye Jones has given her time and talent to grow the program and serve patrons from Burke, Jenkins, Jefferson, Screven, Washington, and Richmond counties.

Though she recently moved to the mountains, her fellow board members were clever enough to create a fun scenario to surprise her.

“Awww, congratulations!” Joe Sasser said as he gave a warm hug to Kaye Jones.

Sasser was part of an audience of admirers who showered the former chairperson of the Waynesboro-Burke Concert Series with hugs and gratitude. When WJBF surprised Jones with the Giving Your Best award, she was quick to give credit to her team.

“It’s not a one person deal, it really isn’t! The desire to bring good things to our community, and to promote those arts and especially to keep it with our children, it’s been a joy.”

A trained vocalist herself, Jones has helped the WBCS fulfill its mission, “To present live, quality performances that enrich, entertain, and encourage appreciation of the arts in our culturally diverse community.”

“I just felt like the arts were important, it’s been important in my life. I’ve been able to work in libraries and I had my music to use with the children in the literature, and upon retirement this just was an area I’ve always wanted to be a part of.”

Dorothy Glisson served on the board with Jones for years.

“She realized how important it was to young people and she was determined that our concert series would give back to the school system when they came out. As a result of that we have had some good people in our school system that have gone on into the music field and have done quite well.”

From scouting talent to scheduling, contracting, hosting, and managing unexpected last-minute details, Kaye Jones was a natural at leading the WBCS board.

“There is a real satisfaction in meeting the community, sharing something that is good for all of us- the joy of music, of art, working with the schools, the state, the Fox Theatre.”

And after serving 15 years as board chairperson, Jones gives credit to someone who stood by her the whole time.

“My husband has just been a soul mate and a stalwart individual in helping us with our technology. He’s been our photographer, our website developer, and because he’s a musician he wanted to make this a goal as well.”

Kaye and her husband have recently moved from Burke County to the mountains, but as the Waynesboro-Burke Concert Series celebrates its 42nd season, it’s clear her legacy will be reflected on and off stage.

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