AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Judy Murphy is a retired nurse who continues to give back to the community. She’s described as someone who has a deep understanding of what kindness and patience are, and how important those attributes are to senior living.

She provides all the materials for a weekly craft class she teaches at at thrive senior living.
our WJBF crew surprised her with the Giving Your Best award during a beading class!

“They make necklaces, they keep them, they’ve got them lined up in their rooms, they give them away to family and friends.”

“She embodies everything we stand for here at Thrive.”

Judy Murphy’s Wednesday morning beading class is always packed! Some would say it’s more about the joy she spreads than the skills she hones.

Robbie Harrell is the director of Thrive’s Social Network. He nominated Judy for the Giving Your Best award.

“She believes that every breath has purpose and 100% does more good, which is another one of our credos, to do more good and she exemplifies that.”

A retired nurse, Murphy has been “doing good” for nearly four decades now, volunteering at nursing and retirement communities.

“And so I can work with the folks- I was at Windemere for 35 years and knew what they could do, and so when I came over here to Thrive and these folks can do so much more and they’ve just become wonderful friends to me. I love every one of them”

Elizabeth Morris is also a volunteer at Thrive. She’s known Judy for years.

“The knowledge that she has, not only the nursing knowledge but just life in general, and just sharing those stories. We’re all learning from her daily, as we learn from each other in life. Just beautiful life lessons.

Harrell agrees.

“She brings an excitement, she brings an anticipatory feeling of things coming up, and this is not beads, these are gifts- get better gifts, happy graduation, she makes this whole community a happier place.”

Judy’s son, John Murphy, was in high school when she started different volunteer projects.

“She’s been involved with some car clubs that have done things at Christmas for underprivileged kids, you should see her riding around in a convertible ’57 Thunderbird throwing candy and stuffed animals to the kids, anything like that she just loves doing it. She’s worked with homeless vets in a few instances, and it’s just her nature.”

After all these decades of volunteering, you may wonder why she keeps giving back. She’s quick to answer!

“Why not? I love volunteering! It’s just a good way to give back. And I’ve had three deaths in my family, with my daughter, my grandson and then my husband… and I just had to pick me up off the floor and keep going.”

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