AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– How fun was this! our crew showed up at Butler High School in South Augusta, where student athletes helped us pull off a big surprise on their coach.

Motivated by the impact baseball has had on his life, Joseph Nero offers free baseball clinics to help young players improve their skills and compete for college scholarships…. and that’s why he’s this month’s Giving Your Best winner.

“I would have never got to college, probably, if it weren’t for baseball. I went on a baseball scholarship.”

Joseph Nero sees himself as a mentor who is building men out of baseball!

“Well, I tell ya, it’s challenging but it’s a challenge that I refuse to quit. Sometimes it gets tough, the kids don’t seem to gravitate to baseball so I kind of started my own organization to try and promote baseball and I provide free baseball skills training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings.”

Through his organization, he offers free baseball skill training to school aged boys.

“And they have fish fries and the players get involved by going out and bringing the customers in. And he does all the cooking and they raise that money to get uniforms and baseball equipment for the team.”

Nominator- and wife, Zina, says Joseph devotes a lot of his time to the community without being paid.

“It also takes up his time in the evenings, but he loves it and he’s starting at kindergarten and goin to 12th, and he’s willing to give his time to go out and train them.”

When players are able to improve their baseball skills, it increases their chances to earn college scholarships.

“I was a decent baseball player but I see some kids now, they come out and the are just like me- started from the ground and they’ve moved themselves up. So, I believe in the children, I believe they can do it, if I did it!”

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Building Men Out of Baseball was founded by Coach Joseph Nero, former college/Independent-professional baseball catcher and current high school coach. I grew up playing baseball at the age of six and never lost the love for the game. My baseball skills not only gave me success in the game, but gave me the opportunity to earn a college scholarship and a bachelor’s degree. I am currently teaching and coaching at a local high school in Augusta Georgia. Had it not been for baseball, I’m not quite sure what I would be doing. Baseball paved the way for my success; so, I would like to give back the gift, by providing a free and adequate training program.


*To enrich the lives of our youths

*To increase interest in the game of baseball

*To improve skill levels of players so they can compete with others in the district and earn baseball scholarships to attend colleges

*To equip players to become better baseball players and better people

*To prepare players to become good citizens and leaders

*To teach the game of life through baseball