Giving Your Best: Chad Prince

Giving Your Best

Our latest Giving Your Best winner’s first love is the softball league at Midland Valley Recreation.

He started coaching there when his daughter was just 8 years old. But long after her rec ball days were done, Chad Prince stayed on to coach others.     

Jess Evans nominated Chad for the award.

“He loves his family, his wife, his daughter, his son-in-law, and especially his grandson His grandson is his heart.”

And he does anything they need to play their sport well, from cutting the grass to marking off the fields to umpiring games… Chad will do it for them.

“I just love the kids, the girls mean so much. My favorite think to do now -I’m not coaching right now-   is getting to relate to all the girls and all, get all the hugs, so that’s good. And they say I’ve been there a little too long cause I’ve coached Mamas that’s got little girls that’s coming up and hugging me now!”

Evans has worked with Prince for 15 years.

“I just see the passion in his face every day he comes in.  We have a conversation about what happened the night before or what’s going to happen during the week. It’s the love he has for the kids. And then, throughout the season,  we go out there to the rec department either to deliver drinks or he’s over there checking the fields to see if it’s playable during the rain.”

For Chad, volunteering is more than giving his time. It’s about investing in young lives.

“They come from all different backgrounds and when I first got in it you didn’t realize there are a lot of broken homes and there’s kids that need love.”       

“He really has a passion for that one kid that doesn’t have a mom or dad. So I think that’s what’s really cool.”

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