AUGUSTA, Ga/ (WJBF)– Cancer can have an impact on more than the patient, and in this case it prompted a daughter-in-law to honor her loved one by spreading a little joy.

It was a card-writing campaign that morphed into something much bigger. In the end, Ashley Grose believes she benefited more than those she wanted to encourage… and that’s why she’s this month’s Giving Your Best winner.

“It just spiraled, it spiraled, and I’m an emotional person so I cried for like a week!”

A recent cancer diagnosis, in her mother-in-law, gave Ashley Grose a deep compassion for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Courtney Prouty is the Marketing Director for Augusta Oncology.

“The fact that she wanted to do something special to honor somebody special to her, who had a recent cancer diagnosis and then spread that love to complete strangers, with no thanks needed. It’s humbling to see.”

Ashley organized a Valentine card campaign so each patient would receive a personalized card and words of encouragement from a stranger.

“We had enough to supply goody bags, so when they came in to get their chemo during the week of Valentines Day, they were presented with a goody bag full of little crossword books, pens, candies- things they need or might want while they’re there, so it blew me away the support the came in from absolutely everybody!”

John Mulherin works with Ashley and nominated her for the Giving Your Best award. He says, watching her efforts in organizing the Valentine gift bags made him realize that each one of us has the ability to positively impact the lives of others, by acting on a small impulse.

“We all need to hear that, particularly these days, we need to hear that if you just put yourself out there you’re gonna benefit so much more – and that’s the great story in this. And I saw that impact in Ashley and that’s what moved me to write the letter.”

Ashley says she just wanted them to smile.

“I mean that’s the worst thing, the worst thing they can go through, you know?”

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