BARNWELL, S.C. (WJBF) — Ashley Culp has brought the small community of Barnwell, SC together … through a festival that celebrates time change!

The Sundial Festival brings a boost to the local economy and Ashley helps with exposure through highlighting local businesses on Facebook live. Her energy and passion for her community is contagious.

“My family’s actually been here since the 1700’s, we went back on our DNA and I got to look and we’ve just been here our whole lives.”

If you’ve been to Barnwell, and driven around the city circle, no doubt you’ve seen something the town is famous for: the historic vertical sundial.

Starting a Sundial Festival has been on Ashley Culp’s radar, shall we say, for some time.

“People had been talking about it on Facebook, about like, why don’t we- cause we used to have the Festival on the Round- and a lot of people don’t realize that the reason we don’t have those things is because people have to volunteer to do them, it’s just that simple!”

The first festival was held March 7, 2020… with the goal of having two festivals a year– the Saturday of the time change.

Melissa Roberts nominated Ashley for the award.

“It’s a year-long planning session, we’re constantly having meetings and trying to get vendors to join in and sponsors and everything and there’s a lot of set-up day of.”

For someone who’s passionate about her quaint town, working to bring back events in Barnwell has been a labor or love for Ashley.

“I just want to make Barnwell a home for my children, my grandchildren, and for loads of people. I love Barnwell! I’ve volunteered in lots of places- this was just the one thing that took all my time, energy and effort, but at least once in your life volunteer, because it will fulfill you.”

Not only is she a wife, mother and business owner, but she attends council meetings, and works with local groups to help make Barnwell a better place to live.

“She loves Barnwell County, the community, the citizens and she’s always going above and beyond to help the community grow and thrive and she just needed to be nominated because we appreciate her so much!”

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