AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– When the kids couldn’t go trick or treating in October of 2020, because of Covid, Amanda Neve got to work putting together pumpkins and care packages.

That act of kindness has grown into so much more, even addressing the baby formula crisis, thanks to Amanda and a group of moms who rally behind her and fill in the gaps where there’s a need.

Moms like Rebecca Worcester, who nominated Amanda for the Giving Your Best award.

“We started this during 2020, when a lot of people were struggling financially, and she stepped up to help moms who needed things that they couldn’t necessarily go out and get. And it’s continued throughout the whole year, even though she was struggling herself, to make sure people had what they needed.”

She’s talking about Amanda Neve, the coordinator of Food Angels of the CSRA.

“We’ve been helping moms throughout the area for the last year and a half. Ever since the shortage of the formula, we’ve been helping them with one can of formula per family every two weeks, and I estimate that we help about 5 to 6 families a week. So, we’re helping quite a bit, trying to feed as many babies as we can right now.”

It’s a project here teenage sons help facilitate, too!

“I’ll message my son and say, ‘hey, this mom doesn’t have any formula, she’s coming by to pick some up. I need you to put it outside.’ Mom will get it, porch pick up, and baby’s fed.”

But her assistance isn’t limited to moms with babies.

“We collect donations, drop donations off, have homeless care packages where we have bags with deodorant, crackers, water bottles- anything that a homeless person would need. As we’re driving through the town, if we see somebody on the side of the road, we instantly pull over and make sure that person’s taken care of.”

If you need assistance or would like to help, call Food Angels of the CSRA at 706-441-4819.

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