Crystal Hathcox is our latest Giving Your Best winner

Giving Your Best

The Salvation Army, Broad Street Ministries, Safehomes and Maxwell House are just some of the recipients of handmade garments and blankets.

Our latest Giving Your Best winner uses her free time not for herself, but to knit a prayer shawl for someone with cancer, or a cap for a newborn baby.

And that’s why Crystal Hathcox is this month’s honoree.

“And we are in our ninth year of operation and we support many, many areas.”

From Augusta to Appalachia to Bahrain, little did Crystal Hathcox know her physical therapy appointments would lead to an amazing friendship.

“Her name is Kate Booth and she’s a phenomenal knitter.”

Turns out talented Kate has a knitting ministry before moving to Augusta.

“And we decided to do the same thing here – and we have a fabulous group of women.”

With a fabulous name–  full of G’s,

“I’m naturally a GRIT cause I was raised here, she was gonna be a GRIN- Girls Raised In Northern States, and we had some ladies that lived west of the Mississippi so we decided to call them GROWs- Girls Raised Out West.”

And there it is: GROW with GRITS ‘n GRINS knitters. One of the biggest areas they support is the Appalachian community,

“They have a coat drive at Halloween so we decided we would want to supply them with a hat and scarf for each coat.”

And all that supplying requires lots of time and money…  both of which Crystal gives generously, according to nominator Monica Burkhalter.

“She would take her lunch break and just sit there and knit, chemo hats or prayer shawls for the soldiers, or someone who just found out they had cancer.”

GROW with GRITS ‘n GRINS supplies baby blankets and caps for several groups, including Augusta Care Pregnancy Center..

“Oh! And one other group, I have to mention this, we support ReStart Augusta, We make twin and queen size blankets for their new beds!”

“She doesn’t boast about it,” Monica says, “but if you ask her, she’ll tell you everything about it– just like she just did! And it’s so wonderful to hear about all the different groups she helps, especially here in the community.”  

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