AUGUSTA, Ga. — Wallisa Lankford is the Founder of Precious Pearls Mentoring… an extra-curricular group that provides guidance for girls as they go through their adolescent years.
She believes all young girls need a positive influence in their life — and should not always look to social media for influencers.

She stays motivated, even when she wants to throw in the towel, because she says “Someone did it for me.”

Mentoring 11-18 year old girls is a big task. But Wallisa Lankford is up to the challenge.

For her, it’s about giving back… because life was challenging when she was that age. She was a foster child.

“And I’ve had people in my life that guided me and stuck with me, even through my bad attitudes, you know, my misbehaviors, they stuck with me, they prayed for me and they guided me. So, I wanted to be that light for some of the youth who are going through some challenges that we see today. Often times people turn their back on the youth because they’re disrespectful, they don’t know how to act, but it’s all because to me they’re lacking love. So, if you just extend love to them, and extend that you care, it can turn it all around for them.”

No wonder Wallisa’s nominator said she “walks the walk” and “talks the talk.” She’s lived it.

“You have to be a living example of that. I strive to do it for my children, for the mentees in my program, like what you see is what you get. If I say I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna do it. If I’m not gonna do it, I’m not gonna do it. And a lot of kids, they look before anything else, they look at your actions before they hear your words.”

Her husband, Keith, nominated her for the award.

“To piggyback on what she said, the commitment to these young ladies, I also work with the youth- I’m a bus driver- so, I know that they need a program like this, that you know, will help them through the tough times.”

And that’s the purpose of Precious Pearls Mentoring group for girls.

“We meet weekly and our goal is just to support, encourage and uplift our youth through service, education and fun fellowship. We’re here, we discuss life lessons, if you have a daughter you feel would benefit from the program, we’re here.”

It’s a big commitment for the whole Lankford family, but they say it’s a calling from God and they make it work.

“She’s limitless. Sometimes I think she gives too much, I’m like ‘alright, you can’t do all that,’ but you know I understand at the same time, cause we’re both the same way, if we’re gonna do something we’re gonna give it 100%. However we can help, we help, to make the program succeed.”

Wallisa Lankford: working mother, wife, godmother, group leader and mentor. In so many ways, she is the one who’s precious to others.

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