COVID’s impact on emotional well-being


Michelle Hudson says “It takes a toll on your body, it makes you real tired, fatigue and you just want to sleep…Depression and you start to feeling like the world is closing in you.”

Mother of four and business owner, Michelle Hudson, is one of many who received a positive covid test at the start of the pandemic. She prepared herself physically, but wasn’t prepared for the after effects of the virus.

Hudson says “I cannot think like I use to and I have to pause and ask myself What was I going to say? Or what was I about to do?”

Covid not only struck Michelle but her household as well. Taking an emotional toll on all members of her family including herself.

Hudson says “It’s like now that I have suffered from this disease, it’s like my emotions are all over the place.”

Hudson is not alone when it comes to the pandemic affecting emotional well being. According to a 2020 Stress in America survey by the American Psychological Association, close to 80% of people say Covid is a major stressor in their everyday life.

Dr. Michael Rollock says “we’re facing a national mental health pandemic and likely a global health pandemic related to the stress and challenges related to Covid.”

Dr. Michael Rollock, of the Medical College of Georgia, says there is a direct link to the pandemic affecting not only chronic health conditions but also a person’s emotional health.

Dr. Rollock says “people were really stressed out in America before Covid with healthcare…then on top of that you had this significant uncertainty, people being hyper-vigilant a lot and that is really difficult for the brain to handle.”

The three good things method is what Rollock suggests using to cope with the pandemic when it comes to a task the brain can handle.

He says “focus on three good things that happen in your day and at the end of the day write those down and reflect on them.”

The pandemic certainly switched up our normal, but, like mom of four Michelle Hudson says, we can’t let it stop us from living.

Michelle Hudson says “we can’t live in a bubble…you know this is worldwide. I would say try and live your normal life, wash your hands, wear your mask, get vaccinated and try to stay safe.”

In Augusta, Taylor Leverett, WJBF News Channel 6.

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