Launched in January of 1994, Children First began as a joint campaign between the ABC Network and its affiliate stations across the United States. The campaign raises awareness of the challenges facing America’s children. The Children First campaign in Aiken-Augusta delivers positive and action-oriented messages to children and their parents and families. We hope to help kids overcome the obstacles that inhibit their growth and learning potential by stressing what each adult can do to help them. The Children First message stresses that “there IS something each of us can do, to help children.”


Schools out but that doesn’t mean the learning stops! How well do you know Elementary English? When was the last time you brushed up on your Women’s History? Take our quizzes and find out! Share your results with your friends and see who gets a higher score!

If you enjoyed the Elementary level quizzes, why not try your hand at the Secondary level quizzes? Are you smarter than a middle schooler? How about a high schooler? Find out and challenge your friends to beat your score!

Still haven’t had enough? Try these General Knowledge quizzes! How much do you really know about the planet? Take these quizzes now to find out!

Color the Weather

You can now submit your Color the Weather pictures online! Click here to fill out the information and upload a picture.

Be sure to watch our newscast around 5:36 and 6:36 a.m. to see if you are a winner. Our winners will receive a a Color the Weather coloring book!

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