Brad and Jennie say goodbye to George Myers


Tune in Friday 5/22 at 6pm for George's final newscast... tissues recommended!

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– How do you say goodbye to someone you’ve had the honor of working with, in the most unusual and often unexpected circumstances, for 22 years?

George Myers is retiring Friday, May 22 after nearly 35 years at WJBF-TV. He’s spent the better part of that time co-anchoring the evening newscasts with Jennie Montgomery and Brad Means.

George Myers, Brad Means & Jennie Montgomery in the late 90’s, along with John Lynn & Mary Morrison

Brad and Jennie taped their goodbye messages to George prior to Friday’s final newscast. Brad was worried that Jennie would take up all the time if they tried to do their goodbyes live! They aired earlier this week in a special “Goodbye George” Jennie Show.

Brad: “Hey George, I’m so happy that you’re retiring- and that’s hard to say because I don’t want to let you go. But I also know the work that you’ve put in before 2019, and then I saw what 2019 dealt you, and you need to go be with your wife and your beautiful family and just enjoy some peace. I think that God puts people in our paths… and He put you in mine. You have been such a force and I will never forget you, and I will thank God for you everyday because you have made my life better. So, go enjoy your retirement and your beautiful family and your grandchildren and know that you have made this entire NewsChannel 6 existence worth it!”

Jennie: “George, I just want to thank you for the inspiration and the role model that you have been to me. The way that you conduct yourself in the community, and the respect that people have for you in this community, is what I hope that they have for me. You are the person who I looked to as that professional, that was what I wanted to be. I’m not- my face is not on an umbrella, but I want to carry myself in the community as if I were on an umbrella. I love you, I am going to miss you so much, but I also know that you have a very strong faith and I know that God has very big plans for you. And all you are doing is continuing your journey and I’m interested to see where this journey leads you next. You have had so many different life experiences that have prepared you for other opportunities and you are someone who is so credible, you are such an effective communicator, and I believe that God uses us for the good and I believe that you are not at all through in making an impact on people, far beyond your close circle of friends. You have a great impact and a great reach and you are an awesome human being and it has been a pleasure to work alongside you. I love you.”

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