WAYCROSS, Ga. (WJBF) – Waycross, Georgia has a California connection because of actor and business owner Isaac King, who is the owner of the Purrfect Tea Café, which is the home of the bubble waffle and Boba tea.

WJBF Digital’s Karlton T. Clay travels to Waycross to talk with King as he chats about how he juggles his budding acting career with running a business.

Thank you for having us here in Waycross, Georgia at Purrfect Tea. Let’s get started with the name. How did you come up with the name for your café?

So initially, this was actually going to be a cat café, and I don’t know if you’ve heard of those before. They’re kind of starting to sprout up around Georgia a little bit. So, what we were going to do was we were going to take the one of the sections of the cafe, cut it off, put some glass around it, isolate it so that there’s no kind of contamination or worries about that, and we were going to have kind of a thing where we worked with the shelter here in Waycross to adopt. We were going to just have like a few cats there, where folks can come in and adopt them if they wanted to or sit around and pet them within that area. Well, Waycross, as a business, wasn’t too keen on that. They hadn’t really quite got to that level of stuff yet, so we kind of got shut down on it, but the name was cool, so we just ended up deciding to keep the name instead.

You’re originally from Los Angeles (L.A.), correct?


What brought you from L.A. to Waycross?

My parents. Yeah, it was a decision on them. They felt that I had had enough of the city life. It helped for what its purpose was. I got a lot of my creativity and just a lot of the skills that I have now from L.A., and so at that time, I think they were seeing where housing was going and seeing where all that stuff was headed. So, they just decided to go ahead and bring me to the south and kind of raise me here in that regard.

You are also an actor. So, how do you handle juggling acting and running a business?

Whoooo! By the hair on my chin. I’m lucky to have a few partners, lucky to have some folks like Ashley – shout out to Ashley – that has helped me cover the cafe and do everything that I’ve needed to do on the acting, too. And then whenever I get done with the project, or if I’m finished with something, then it’s just coming back down to kind of like working a regular job. It almost makes me feel like a superhero at times. It’s like, Yeah, during the night, I go, I act, and I’m doing this. And then, whenever I come back during the day, I’m at the cafe. So, just a lot of support from my village.

If people want to follow your journey, want to follow the café, how can they do so?

You can follow the café itself on Instagram and Facebook: Purrfect Tea Waycross. If you want to follow me for any of the acting, writing, or anything else, I am Isaac Daniel King on Facebook and @thatactorguyisaac on Instagram.

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