“Quaranteaching:” How to learn and teach at a distance

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The COVID-19 pandemic quickly launched educators into remote learning, leaving some teachers struggling with technological hurdles.

“If you’re new to online teaching, don’t try to incorporate too many platforms,” said Dr. Christi Pace.

Dr. Pace is an assistant professor at Augusta University. She specializes in literacy education and teacher development. Dr. Pace says to engage students in this new method of learning; teachers should have interactive lesson plans, a simple platform, and should be present.

“All of that is so important in keeping their engagement and motivation going,” explained Dr. Pace. “To have teachers present to answer questions for students and to praise them.”

Many local school districts are providing technology devices for students to learn remotely. But what about the hands-on equipment students may need to succeed in elective classes?

“If those courses are being offered and that is the child’s interest, then parents should reach out to the school and have a conversation,” said Dr. Pace. “See if maybe the school can loan some of those tools.”

The assistant professor also suggests “Quarnteaching” tips for the teachers who will be in the classrooms. She says teachers need to instill inclusive safety policies for their students.

“We have to teach students these protocols, and we have to give them some time to practice them, so they know the expectations,” said Dr. Pace. “I’d say post these on your classroom walls, and remind students frequently. Model good behavior for students, and praise them often.”

The Education Department at AU is opening its doors for educators who may need COVID-19 teaching strategies.

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