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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The start of the next school year is slowly creeping up and that means jobs need to be filled quickly. This year, there is more incentive to become an employee in a Georgia school system.

Earlier this year, Georgia lawmakers approved pay raises for teachers under a new state spending plan. Not only do teachers get a raise this coming year, but bus drivers, nutrition workers, and classified employees too.

Experts say the average public school teacher in Georgia will make about $55,000 but salaries usually range from $48,000 to about $65,000 a year.

The Richmond County School Board describes teaching as a noble profession and anywhere you can impact the community’s future in a positive way, working for a Richmond County school is a great place to be.

Angela Moore and Anton Anthony are principals at the newly built Innovation Academy. They are both excited to get the upcoming school year started.

“I think it’s great. It’s well deserved. Our teachers deserve it. It’s a great way to attract new teachers in the field. and with that pay raise, it incentivizes for them to come and teach and work in a great school system,” said Anthony.

Moore added, “We have so many options in Richmond County so that makes it a great opportunity for work. It gives us great opportunities for growth in different ways.”

Kaden Jacobs with the Richmond County Board of Education said, “Our teachers already work super hard for our students and for the community and we think this is a great way to pay them back. We’ve gotten positive feedback from teachers as kind of expected and our board was really happy to be able to provide that in this year’s budget.”

To start your career with the Richmond County School System, click or tap here.

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