Augusta teen creates Spread the Love campaign in response to racial tension and police brutality


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)— An Augusta teenager is responding to the civil unrest he sees all over the news by creating a GoFundMe called “Spread the Love.”

He’s set up a challenge to raise awareness, and hopefully donations, for a local program that’s impacting young lives.

When you’re 16 and this is what you see– the recent police brutality/racial tensions happening all over the country– in the middle of trying to deal with living in a pandemic, what can you do?

If you’re Judah Breland, you turn your anger, frustration, and anxiety into something positive.

Judah Breland/Spread the Love campaign: “Because of this I wanted to help, ya know. I’m only 16, there’s not a lot I can do to change this world, but I want to try something. There’s this organization called ‘Boys with a Future,’ we’ll have a link that describes it, the head- Mr. (Russell Joel) Brown- he’s a great guy, he’s come to our Temple many times, he’s brought the kids, he’s brought speakers ink, I’ve met the kids, they’re great people. It’s really a great organization. So what I want to do is create this thing called ‘Spread the Love.’ Be creative! Get chalk, draw on your driveway, make a poster, show out in public. We’re trying to get to at least $5,000 which I know will happen! We have to take some type of action.”

You can spread the love, too– just like these friends are doing on Facebook. We’ve got a link to Judah’s Gofundme on our website, just click the “Jennie” link and you’ll find this story– or go to my Facebook page, post your picture, and you’ll see the link there.

Click here to watch Judah’s full explanation of his Spread the Love campaign.

Boys with a Future is an after school program for inner-city boys in academic and life crisis in the Harrisburg area of Augusta. Click here for more information.

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