An ‘Egg-Streme’ Easter egg hunt


As the CSRA prepares to observe Easter, one Youth organization kicked it off early with an ‘Egg-Streme’ egg hunt. New Channel 6’s Taylor Leverett joined that group and the community for some fun.

Reporter Taylor Leverett: Easter festivities are in full swing at the Reese J. Booker Youth center in Washington, Ga. From candy, raffle prizes, to pictures with the Easter bunny there was something for everyone.

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Dozens of parents and children gathered for a day of Easter fun. The free event was organized by Roxeann Cobb who runs the Four “E” Youth Organization. It’s a community based program that focuses on helping teenagers achieve success in all areas of their lives.

Roxeann Cobb who is the organizer of Four “E” organization says she “thinks now is something good to do for the children to let them know that people care about them.”

Cobb says helping the children is important to her because it gives her a chance to give back to her community.

Roxeann says “I was born and raised in this community and when I was a child we had a lot of community involvement, now it’s not so much…it’s gang involvement.”

Four “E” stands for Educate, Empower, Expose, Encourage, and it specifically focuses on kids ages 13 to 19. An age where kids are the most impressionable.

Roxeann says she helps the youth in the afternoon with homework on the weekends and tries to go on trips with them.

Cobb says the event could not have been a success without the help of the community. Volunteers from the area came to lend a helping hand.

Volunteer Amy Potter says “the kids here some of them don’t have the same opportunities as other kids might have. I just want to support her mission as much as possible because kids are our future.”

High school student and member of Four “E” Nariah Clemmons says that Cobb and her organization have helped her in more ways than one.

Nariah Clemmons says ” This will be my first year…it’s fun and it’s a lot of different activities and she tries very hard to get the community engaged and she’s a really great mentor and she works well with all the kids.”

Reporting in Washington, Taylor Leverett, WJBF News Channel 6.

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