AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – There is new information in a local cold case out of Richmond County. The reward money has increased in the event that the Millbrook twins are found.

“My mom was 35 years old when my sisters went missing. My mom is about to be 69 years old,” Millbrook twins sister Shanta Sturgis told NewsChannel 6.

A mother and sister have been without their loved ones for more than 30 years, but working with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office to try and find them.

“Finally in 2013, they opened my sisters case back up,” Sturgis told us. “Once it opened back up, a lot more people heard about their story.”

Five years ago, the story of 15-year-olds Dannette and Jeanette Millbrook going missing on March 18, 1990 from Augusta, Georgia went national on The Fall Line Podcast. Now, AudioChuck, the makers of Crime Junkie is telling their story again and putting more money towards the reward fund, $39,000. It goes from $11,000 to $50,000.

“That means a whole lot and maybe somebody will open up now. I’m hoping so because I’ve seen other stories where they’ve had rewards and sometimes they don’t even have rewards and the case be solved after 40 something years,” Sturgis said.

This is what the updated billboard will look like.

AudioChuck CEO Ashley Flowers told NewsChannel 6 the public has one year to give tips that lead to the twins.

“How can we give back to the community, the true crime community? How can we give back to the families? How can we support and not just use these stories for our own gain,” Flowers said.

The true crime story tellers learned about the twins from The Fall Line Podcast, who first took their story national five years ago.

Laurah Norton, The Fall Line Podcast Host, said AudioChuck did way more than just increase reward dollars.

“Also, helping with the billboard, helping with getting the story out, helping with circulating the tip line and the website. This is something that could change the case.”

Sturgis said she’s hoping the new $50,000 reward brings her sisters home, something she said might cause her to pass out. But, she wants the public’s help and gives a special message to Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree.

“This is coming from me and my family, from the heart. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a missing loved one out there but this has been going on for too long,” she exclaimed.

Any tipster would need to contact the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. The reward money only goes to the person who is able to provide information that police agree actually helped in locating the twins.

Flowers noted that if no one claims the reward money in one year, the funds will go to maintaining the billboard, located at Milledgeville Road and Deans Bridge Road, and the non-profit, Private Investigations for the Missing.

To help with billboard funding, click here.