JENKINS COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Ten years ago, a Jenkins County man went missing from his home. His family spent the day in prayer and reflecting while still remaining hopeful that the GBI will solve the cold case.

“He had a loud personality. Very boisterous and always the life of the party,” Felicia Steverson, L.C. Burroughs’ daughter, said.

The youngest daughter of L.C. Burroughs, Felicia Steverson, recalls a dad who was always larger than life. And he did those good deeds right from his home, which doubled as businesses on Highway 23 South in Millen.

“At one point we had a grocery store, a rural grocery store and people would come and get things on credit. He would help people out,” she said. “In the middle of the night they would call and he would get his tow truck and come pull them out the ditch.”

L.C. Burroughs, who was 74 when he went missing on September 26, 2013, owned a salvage yard that doubled as his home. The GBI reports Burroughs was on the phone one morning when the person he was talking with overheard him arguing about stolen car parts. The phone disconnected and he was never seen again.

“He had mentioned often, I mean often that people would come and steal. And I think they would watch the house knowing his routine of going to the Huddle House that day or going to play his numbers,” Steverson said.

Burroughs played his numbers each day at Brinson’s BBQ on Highway 23, down the street from his home. His family said the day he went missing, he did that daily routine and someone saw him getting gas around 7 a.m. NewsChannel 6’s Cold Case Project spoke with the sheriff in Jenkins County back in March about the case. He too feels the disappearance is connected to foul play.

“Days before all this took place he did get with me and tell me he wanted to talk with me on some items that were missing around his junkyard,” Sheriff Robert Oglesby said.

On the ten year anniversary, Steverson said the family held a prayer call, sharing memories about Burroughs. They remain hopeful that the GBI will solve the case. Steverson shared that there is a $20,000 reward.

“Several individuals have called me and stated that it was a husband and a wife team. That there were several individuals that came and, of course, my dad caught them stealing,” she said.

Anyone with any information about he disappearance of L.C. Burroughs should contact 912-871-1121 and speak with Special Agent Elizabeth Strickland, Region 5 Statesboro.